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This is a professional resource for the brothers of Delta Sigma Pi. Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce; and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.


30 July 12

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6 June 12

Congrats to Rachel Kim!

My time as Pi Sigma’s VPPA has come to an end, and now it is time for someone new to hold the position. Luckily, the person replacing me is my twin, Rachel Kim! She is a 3rd year, Business Econ major and is really excited to start planning events for the fall term. Good luck Rachel!!

31 May 12
28 May 12

Speaker Series: Image Consulting with Diana Jennings

The Mu Pledge Class were our models for an exercise in professional clothing which taught the group the importance of lines.

Image Consulting Workshop with Diana Jennings

Ms. Diana Jennings came to the University of California, Irvine campus to speak with the brothers and pledges of Pi Sigma about personal branding and the importance of creating a personal brand and the importance of presenting yourself in a professional way. This presentation was broken up with one hour being exclusively about creating one’s own personal brand, and the second hour dealing with how to dress and present yourself in a professional setting.
“All of you need to start thinking of yourselves as a brand,” Jennings urged the group as she went through her powerpoint presentation. Jennings spoke to the group about the importance of creating a personal brand through compiling a bunch of information about one’s self and marketing one’s self as a product that can be beneficial to have on a company’s team. In order to have a successful brand, one must make sure that said brand is authentic, differentiated, compelling and that person’s key to success. Without one of these key ingredients, said person’s personal brand is worthless. In order to make sure that one’s personal brand stands out, this person must be able to know his or her own digital imprint (which can be learned by googling his or herself, and using one of Jenning’s programs called
After speaking extensively on building one’s personal brand, Jenning moved onto discussing what one should do in order to make sure that he or she presents him or herself professionally. In order to complete this task, one must dress in layers because layers provide a sense of visual authority. One must also have a lot of lines in his or her clothing (which can be achieved by layering) because that equates to looking more authoritative. This is why the business suit has been synonymous with power and professionalism for so many years. Jennings also reminded us about the importance of making sure one’s clothes fit. Without having correctly fitting clothes, one could wear the most stylish of fashions and still look completely unprofessional. “The number one rule,” Jennings said, “is to make sure that you wear the clothes and make sure that your clothes do not wear you.” With this advice, she made an impact of many of the people who attended her presentation because most people believe that if one wears a suit, than he or she is automatically professional.
Jennings ended her presentation with a question and answer session where she provided more insight into creating a personal brand (“buy your name as a domain name immediately!”) and told the group more about how to dress (“black is for fitting in, color is for standing out”). She also raffled off two prizes: an afternoon with Jennings at South Coast Plaza (a shopping mall in Irvine) and the book she wrote about dressing professionally.

Diana Jennings, the Founder of Brand You Image

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New Executive Committee Members!

Congrats to the new Executive Committee!

President: Samantha Owyang

Senior Vice President: Ryan Yee

Vice President - Pledge Education: Patrick Wu

Vice President - Finance: Vincent Li

Vice President - Chapter Operations: Sandy Liu

Chancellor: Sujay Pathak

Bottom four elections will take place next week, but in the mean time, congrats to all the newly elected Executive Committee for Pi Sigma!

23 May 12


Please watch this video! If we win, we will get $500. All we need to do is get the most views (: THANKS!

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18 May 12

Check out me and our VP - Finance, Lorna Wu, do a promotional video on spam and the benefits of Wolla! If we get the most views then we will win 500 dollars, so please help us out! (:

Thanks so much, and be on the look out for more posts in this upcoming week.


17 May 12

Death by Desk Jobs

As someone with carpal tunnel at the age of 19 (with a lifetime to look forward to full of wrist braces and waking up in the night from the pain of moving my hands), this recent article from Mashable about how to work out at work was one of the most useful things I have seen in a while. While I spend this summer at a desk for 40/hr a week, I’ll be sure to bust some of these out. Interested? Check out the article right here.

16 May 12
15 May 12

Samantha Lam Articles: Part IV

Samantha Lam’s reoccurring posts on the VPPA Tumblr has now come to an end with her final post. This last post is from Reuters, and talks about how the United State’s GDP is about to rise, but with that will come many speed bumps. Samantha Lam breaks down this article below the cut.

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